A Weekly Lenten Devotional ~ Week 2

The following is the third installment in a weekly Lenten devotional for families, by Mary Jane Pierce Norton of the UMC’s Discipleship Ministries. We hope it helps you to know God a little better during these solemn forty days of repentance and preparation.

Week 2 – Week of March 12:  Teach me, Lord

Scripture: John 3:1-21
Symbol: Candle
Discussion & Activity: Read together John 3:1-21. Often, when we read the story of Nicodemus, we concentrate on being born again. While that’s part of the message of this story, another part is Nicodemus’s willingness to come to Jesus in order to learn more from him. Nicodemus comes to Jesus because he wants to know more about God. And Jesus teaches him – just as he teaches us when we read the Scripture.

Light the candle. Dim the lights and together look at the light from the candle. Think about these words from the Scripture: “Light has come into the world…”

Recall together where you have seen God’s light this week through the actions of others, in the news, in things that have happened in the family.

Create your poster of light. Cut out paper candles. Each day, write on a candle one way you have experienced God’s care. Glue this onto a larger sheet of paper or poster board. Daily, give thanks for how you see God’s light in the world.


God, our Teacher. We learn about you from those who wrote the Bible.

We learn about you when we listen to one another tell of your presence and actions in our lives.

We learn about you when we look around us and see your creation. But sometimes we forget to take time to worship and praise you.

Help us take time to offer our praises and prayers.