At the Millennium (1991-2010)

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Alvin J. Willink (1991-1996)

Rev. Alvin Willink (1924-2005) was born in Clymer, New York, and attended Fredonia Campus (now part of the New York State University), where he studied music education. In 1944, he entered the Army and became a commissioned officer in 1945 just prior to the end of World War II. He then spent a year in Japan as part of the occupation forces and became engaged with several other servicemen in volunteer and international Christian work there. After the war, he resumed his college education at Houghton College and graduated with a music degree in 1949. He graduated from the United Theological Seminary in June 1952. He was an accomplished musician and skilled pianist and organist. He married his wife, Doris Jean Willink, on June 16, 1950, and they had three kids. Willink served numerous Evangelical United Brethren and Methodist churches in New York and Delaware. He retired on July 1, 1991, and became Bethesda’s first retired pastor that same month.

Charles Wise (1996-1998)

Biography Coming Soon.

Mark Farnell (1998-2004)

Rev. Mark Farnell came to Bethesda as a student pastor. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Wesley College, in Dover, and a Master of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary, in Washington, D.C. After leaving Bethesda in 2004, he served at the Millington/Crumpton Charge, and is currently the pastor of Centreville United Methodist Church. He has been a member of a number of conference committees, including the Board of Ordained Ministry, and the Conference Committee of Clergy and Lay Leadership.

Joan C. Wolff (2004-2010)

Rev. Wolff served at Bethesda from 2004 to 2010. A lifelong Methodist, she was very active in lay ministry before becoming clergy. After being licensed for Pastoral Ministry at Drew University, she completed her pastoral courses and graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. In 2003 she became the Associate Pastor of St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, in Easton; the next year she was appointed to Bethesda. After leaving Preston, Rev. Wolff took over at Oxford UMC. She and husband Rod have a daughter, Sara Wolff Lewis, who is also active in the Methodist Church.

Earlier Pastors                             Later Pastors